Guar Food Derivative For Bakery Industry


It is used in bakery industry , In Bread , Pastry, Cakes , and cookies . On dry mixing prior to drought making Bread  it helps to retain Moisture and hence the weight of bread.

It keeps the bread smooth pliable and fresh for longer time and   imparts  milky white bleached appearance to bread.

Physical properties

 Appearance  Fine Off white (Creamish)
 Odour  Odorless to very bland
 Solubility  Easy soluble in Cold Water
 Particle size  200 mesh and 300 mesh
 Texture  Free flowing powder
 Viscosity of 1% paste  4000 cps – 5000 cps

Typical Chemical Properties

 Moisture  12 % max
 Ash content  1.2 % max
 Protein  3.5% max
 Acid insoluble Matter


 2.5% max

10 PPM Max.

 PH  Neutral
 Carbohydrate including Gum contents


 85% minimum

03 PPM Max.

Microbiological Analysis

 Non Pathogenic Bacteria  10,000 gm. Max.
 Pathogenic Bacteria  Nil
 Pseudomonas  Nil
 Shigella  Nil.
 Salmonella  Nil
 E.Coil  Nil


The recommended Level of Gaur Gum Baked Product  0.20 % to     0.50 % Mean 02 Gm / 1000Gm To 05 Gm / 1000Gm.


This is special suggestion for your bakery industry For best result    according    your need .

0.25 % mean 25 Gm for 100 kg Of  Flour Mixer .


25 Kg. laminated paper bags with PE lining inside.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

Guar Gum should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.