Guar Fast hydrating gum for oil well drilling


Oil , Water, Gas And Well Drilling

Guar gum and guar gum derivates are used in the fracturing of oil, gas and water wells. The guar gum is used to carry a river of sand and pumped into the ground at high pressure. This fractures the ground and then fills the fractures with sand, thereby making the ground more permeable and thereby increasing the recovery of oil, gas, or water in the existing well. We manufacture a special grade of guar gum with ultra high viscosity and low insoluble (UHV-66) for this application. As guar is a natural product and degrades within a few days, unlike other polymers there is no damage to the environment by the use of guar in fracturing treatment.

Physical properties

 Appearance  Fine Off white (Creamish)
 Odour  Odorless to very bland
 Solubility  Easy soluble in Cold Water
 Particle size  200 mesh and 300 mesh
 Texture  Free flowing powder
 Viscosity of 1% paste   8000 cps – 9000 cps

Typical Chemical Properties

 Moisture  12 % max
 Ash content  1.2 % max
 Protein  3.5% max
 Acid insoluble Matter


 2.5% max

10 PPM Max.

 PH  Neutral
 Carbohydrate including Gum contents


 85% minimum

03 PPM Max.


The recommended Level of Gaur Gum Industrial Product  1.00 % to 2.00 % Mean 10 Gm / 1000Gm To 20Gm / 1000Gm.


This is special suggestion for your Pharmaceuticals industry For best result    according    your need .

1.50 % mean 1.5 Gm for 100 kg Of  Compound .


25 Kg. laminated paper bags with PE lining inside.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

Guar Gum should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.