guar churi

During the process of split manufacturing of Guar, germ and husk are obtained. Both are this used as a valuable cattle feed as they are quite rich in protein. In international market these are popularly known as Guar Churi and are sold worldwide. Guar Churi have contents of Oil & Albuminoids (O & A) which are about 50% in germ whereas it is about 25% in husks.

Guar Churi is a highest protein containing animal feed in its group. It is having up to 40% of protein with a high digesting content, which improves digesting system of cows or buffaloes. As it is very high in protein it gives extra fat in its milk and also increases the quantity of milk. The by product of Guar Gum industry consisting of the guar germ material is called guar Churi 40%. The Guar Churi after gum Extraction is a potential source of protein and contains about 40% crude protein which is two times more than the level of protein in guar seed. The protein content in guar Churi 40% is well comparable with Corn Gluten Meal.




 APPEARANCE  White Fine Powder
 MOISTURE  6.00 – 7.50%
 ASH  4.00 – 5.00%
 PROTEIN  38.00 – 40.00%
 FAT  5.00 – 7.00%
 FIBER  7.00%
 SILICA  0.00 – 1.50%


50 Kg. Poly Ethylene  bags with PE lining inside.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

Guar Gum should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.