Guar derivative FOR paper industry


Guar Paper Derivative

Guar gum is used as a wet-end additive. It gives denser surface to the paper used for printing. It is also useful in foresheet formation, Mullen bursting strength, fold strength, tensile strength, measure of the force required, to pull a fiber from the surface of sheet, machine speed that all parameters are increased and porosity of the paper is decrease


 Constitution  Mannogalactan Derivatives


 Appearance  Creamish fine powder


 Preservation  Preservative added to avoid fungus and decomposition of paste and powder
 Solubility  Cold water soluble



 Paste percent  1 Kg. powder – 99 Kg. water (Prepared at 80 ° C)
 pH  Neutral (7 + 0.5)
 Moisture  13%
 Ash Content  10%
 Viscosity of 1% paste at room temperature after heating 80 ° C.  300 – 340 cps
(by Brook field Viscometer Model RVT)
 Compatibility with other thickeners  Good with thickeners except Crystal gum and gum arabic. It coagulates with Borax in alkaline conditions.

Typical Chemical Properties

 Moisture  12 % max
 Ash content  1.2 % max
 Protein  3.5% max
 Acid insoluble Matter


 2.5% max

 10 PPM Max.

 PH  Neutral
 Carbohydrate including Gum contents


 85% minimum

 03 PPM Max.


Guar paper gum provides

  • Improvement in paper strength
  • Improvement in printability
  • Reduction in dusting and lilting
  • Better sheet formation and fibre distribution


Preparation of gum paste

Guar paper gum is made in solution of 1% consistency in water at room temperature under high speed stirrer and then heated to 80 ° C. for 15-20 minutes so that the solution is ready after it cools. It is then added to the pulp at convenient point at fan pump, head box or at stock gate before the formation of paper.


25 Kg. laminated paper bags with PE lining inside.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

Guar Gum should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.