Guar TEXTILE Derivative FOR TEXTILE Industry


Textile Industries

Guar gum and guar gum derivates are used in to major textile applications: as a printing thickener and as a binder in the sizing of yarns, particularly for denim sizing. In the textile printing industry, guar gum is used as a printing thickener to keep the dyestuff from spreading on the fabric (add photo of rotary printing machine).

In denim sizing, guar gum is used to bind the starch and stabilize the viscosity in the sizing agent. In this application, it has replaced acrylic polymers which are banned in many countries for use in textile products as they are considered carcinogens. The guar gum is used on a 2% basis by weight of starch (add photo of sizing Machine).


 Constitution  Mannogalactan Derivatives



 Appearance  Fine Light Yelloow Ammorphous powder



 Preservation  Preservative added to avoid fungus and    decomposition of paste and powder
 Solubility  Cold water soluble


 Paste percent  2 Kg. powder – 98 Kg. water (Prepared at 80 ° C)
 PH  Neutral (7 + 0.5)


 Moisture  12%


 Ash Content  10%


 Viscosity of 2% paste at room   temperature after heating 80 ° C.  08,000 – 12,000 cps
(At  Brook field Viscometer Model RVT) 
 Purity  100 % .Quick Filteration with in 5 seconds on 56  miocrones Sieves.


 Stock Paste  Gum H/V 2 %

Gum M/V 5 %

Gum L/V 8%


Textile Gum H/V, M/V and L/V  provides

  • Very good color yield
  • Very good running for rotry printing
  • Reduction hardness after washintg
  • Normal & cold washing.
  • High pressure steaming.


Preparation of gum paste

Natural Textile Gum is made in solution  consistency in water at room temperature under high speed stirrer . for 15-20 minutes so that the solution is ready after it cools. After 2 Haours added Acid to mantain the PH for printing .then add dyes and ready to print.


25 Kg. laminated paper bags with PE lining inside.


Sealed bag under normal condition for 6 months.

Guar Gum should be stored in cool and dry place, away from direct sun light.